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Old-School Titles

I’ve been looking at a translation of M. Laugier’s Essay on Architecture. Here is the full title (as best as I can reproduce it given the limited typographic capabilities of this medium):

An ESSAY on ARCHITECTURE; IN WHICH Its True PRINCIPLES are explained AND Invariable RULES propoſed, for Directing the Judgment and Forming the Taste of the GENTLEMAN and the ARCHITECT, With regard to the Different Kinds of BUILDINGS, the Embellishment of Cities, And the Planning of Gardens.

Oh yes, that’s a long-s in “proposed.” Also, to get a sense of the full awesomeness, you’ll have to imagine for yourself the liberal use of small-caps.

Okay, Something Happened

So I lost access to WordPress somehow and, because I don’t know what I’m doing with it, my solution was to uninstall/reinstall it on the domain. So now it looks like I wrote everything in one day. Oh well. Things are still in the right order.